On Russell

We Just Keep on Growing.

Sarah Ste Claire Young

TET (32" x 5.5" Sev, MLA) (Born to Run x Queen's Circle) This rose purple flower with a yellow to green throat displays its dark purple band broken by the white midrib. The outer edge of the flower is heavily ruffled in dark purple, fading to white, then a diamond dusted gold that dances around like the notes from Sarah's flute
(2013 Introduction) $90 SF

Italian Sunglasses

Tet (41" x 7" Dor, Mid to Late) (Flamenco Queen X Destined to See) A striking flower by any other name Italian Sunglasses sits tall above a lot of other daylilies with its dark red to mahogany base and sporting a near black chevron eye hovering above a brilliant yellow to green throat.
(2013 Introduction) $75 SF

Misha's Purple Elephant

TET 25" Mid Season Dormant. 5" bloom. (Canadian Boarder Patrol X Destined to See) This mauve beauty casts a warm glow over the garden with its chalky purple grey eye zone with a pencil red outline above a green throat, through its breading it brings ahead the slightly ruffled black purple edge that can be seen in some of my previous introductions.
(2013 Introduction) $60 SF

Vicious Pink

TET 28" Mid Season Dormant 5.5" bloom. (Strawberry Candy x David Kirchhoff) Hands back and don't lean in to stiff at this one. A dark almost electric pink with a darker rose eyezone is accented with a thin golden toothy edge. It is truly eye catching in the garden and stands out with its brilliant coloring
(2013 Introduction) $75 SF

Big Bear Hugs

DIP (28" x 6" Dor, Mid ) (Flutterby x Double it) Big and tight this interesting shaped double will embrace any place you have for it in your garden setting this beautiful 2013 intro will wrap you in a big bear hug.
(2013 Introduction) $60 SF

Fire In The Sky

DIP (44" x 6" Dor Mid) This daylily soars above the rest with its dark purple red base and black overlay. A slight ruffled edge accentuates its charm as it reaches up towards the sky and sets your skies ablaze.
(2013 Introduction) $60 SF