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2020 Intros

This year we are introducing 4 new daylilies to the market we hope you will enjoy them. 2019 was an interesting year as many seedlings finally started to show their stuff. Many were selected for introduction but in the end these four were chosen and I hope that you love them as much as we do.


Jewell TET (32 x 7 DOR, M) (Aztec Headdress x ((edge of darkness x new journey) x Backscratcher)) The introduction of Cole is the third and final introduction in my Spring Heather line named for Heather's kids. Cole shows off her unique beauty with a complex patterned eye in ranges of dark purple to grey over a green throat and starburst white midrib.

(2020 Introduction) $125 SF

Maleficent's Cloak

Jewell TET (35 x 7 DOR, M 5 Way x 27BC) ((Wild Blue Yonder x Backscratcher) x Stormy Waters ) This intro is a stunning beauty with its twists and curls. The dark purple base really shows off with a purple black eye and a black slightly ruffled edge. The large green throat blends into the eye in a complex gradient form.

(2020 Introduction) $125 SF

Misha Of Caspian

Jewell/Bond TET (38 x 6 DOR, M, 5 Way x 30BC) (Aztec Headdress x Pattern Master) Named for a loyal and faithful friend this beauty was selected to honor her life. This Lavender flower with a darker purple glowing eye really catches your attention, the white midrib extending out from a yellow to green throat and surrounded by a ruffled piecrust edge finishes off this incredible flower.

(2020 Introduction) $125 SF (VERY LIMITED)

Quantum Incursion

Jewell TET (34" x 6" SEV, M) (Tricolor x (((edge of darkness x new journey) x Backscratcher) x Aztec Headdress)) Another patterned beauty hailing from my Spring Heather. This Soft pink to lavender with a complex dark purple eye zone in varying purple tones above a large yellow to green throat is sure to add a spark to your garden.

(2020 Introduction) $125 SF

All prices listed are for single fans unless otherwise noted as quantities are limited. Double fans are typically shipped when possible. No phyto charge for US customers purchasing new introductions. Prices in US Funds. Inquire for special offers or discounts.