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We think all of our introductions are important and try and keep a supply on hand, please check our plants section for availability and current pricing.

Belle's Flower

DIP (20.5" x 8" Dor, UFo, Cascade, Spatulate, Early) Not only the belle of the ball but also the belle of the garden. This beauty boasts huge flowers but the spatulate and cascading petals curl and wave, the sparkle in the maroon red eye stars out onto the petals and sepals.
(2012 Introduction)

Bernice Watt

TET (32" x 5.5" Dor, Mid, Fr, ext.) (Two Part Harmony x sdlg.) What can be said about a grandmothers love and this plant is named just for that. This rich buttery cream flower is overlaid with a rose blush then dusted with diamonds, the slight ruffle is then bound in gold. In the mid afternoon Bernice changes to a golden color with a darker golden edge.
(2012 Introduction)

Big Bear Hugs

DIP (28" x 6" Dor, Mid ) (Flutterby x Double it) Big and tight this interesting shaped double will embrace any place you have for it in your garden setting this beautiful 2013 intro will wrap you in a big bear hug.
(2013 Introduction) $60 SF

Damian Carlton Jewell

Tet (35" x 6") Named for my best friend and faithful four legged Dalmatian companion. This velvet purple black with black veining and diamond dusted plant boasts a lightly ruffled edge above starburst gold chartreuse throat. (sdlg x Flamenco Queen). Partial Proceeds of the sale of this plant benefits Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes
(2011 Introduction)

Fire In The Sky

DIP (44" x 6" Dor Mid) This daylily soars above the rest with its dark purple red base and black overlay. A slight ruffled edge accentuates its charm as it reaches up towards the sky and sets your skies ablaze.
(2013 Introduction) $60 SF

Italian Sunglasses

Tet (41" x 7" Dor, Mid to Late) (Flamenco Queen X Destined to See) A striking flower by any other name Italian Sunglasses sits tall above a lot of other daylilies with its dark red to mahogany base and sporting a near black chevron eye hovering above a brilliant yellow to green throat.
(2013 Introduction) $75 SF

Man's Best Friend

TET 28" Mid Season SemiEvergreen 6.5" bloom. Instant rebloom. Named in memory of my four legged best friends. Creamy peach base with a purple eyezone broken by a white starburst midrib and a dark purple/black ruffled edge. In hot weather Man's Best Friend shows its knobs and teeth Partial proceeds to support the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes
(2011 Introduction)

Misha's Purple Elephant

TET 25" Mid Season Dormant. 5" bloom. (Canadian Boarder Patrol X Destined to See) This mauve beauty casts a warm glow over the garden with its chalky purple grey eye zone with a pencil red outline above a green throat, through its breading it brings ahead the slightly ruffled black purple edge that can be seen in some of my previous introductions.
(2013 Introduction) $60 SF

Sarah Ste Claire Young

TET (32" x 5.5" Sev, MLA) (Born to Run x Queen's Circle) This rose purple flower with a yellow to green throat displays its dark purple band broken by the white midrib. The outer edge of the flower is heavily ruffled in dark purple, fading to white, then a diamond dusted gold that dances around like the notes from Sarah's flute
(2013 Introduction) $90 SF

Sweet Puppy Kisses

DIP 40" Mid Season Dormant 5" bloom. (Flutterby x Condilla) Butter Yellow double flowers that bounce and dance in the breeze like puppys jumping around playing. Fast increaser to form clumps. Partial proceeds from the sale of each plant goes to benefit Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes.
(2011 Introduction)

Unconditional Hugs

DIP (28" x 6" Dor, Mid ) (Flutterby x Double it) Warm and inviting in any garden setting this beautiful 2012 intro will wrap you in its warm unconditional hug with its melon colour and a slightly ruffled edge, no conditions its all unconditional.
(2012 Introduction)

Vicious Pink

TET 28" Mid Season Dormant 5.5" bloom. (Strawberry Candy x David Kirchhoff) Hands back and don't lean in to stiff at this one. A dark almost electric pink with a darker rose eyezone is accented with a thin golden toothy edge. It is truly eye catching in the garden and stands out with its brilliant coloring
(2013 Introduction) $75 SF