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Speaking Engagements

While we love to grow and sell plants and of course make our own we also love to share our knowledge. We are available for speaking engagements year round. Over the last several years David has become an engaging speaker from the east coast to all over Ontario. Below are several topics that are ready to go or under development for your group. Want a specific topic that's ok too. Email us for full details.

What's Lurking In Your Garden... Viruses, Diseases and Other Nasty Critters

From beginners to the most advanced gardener we are all faced with strange things going on in our gardens and on our plants. This fun presentation takes a look at serious topics in a light hearted non scary way. At the end of the presentation you should be able to go out into your gardens and look at what is going on and how to deal with problems in chemical free ways.

Keep your gardens blooming...

Along with texture one of the things that we want in our gardens is colour. This presentation talking about keeping your gardens blooming all season long with iris and daylilies while looking at the varieties seasons and colours of these great hardy. Perennials.

Back to the Future

Today's daylilies come from some very basic and humble beginnings. This talk takes an in-depth look at some of the most historical advancements in daylily breeding and where the genetics of yesterday are taking the flower today and into the future.

History of Gardening in Canada

The settlers of Canada did not just show up and go to the garden centers. This interesting and historical topic takes a look at the history of gardening in Canada from our roots until current day. (Currently Under Development)

Garden Tech

Typically we think of our gardens as being natural and organic. However this topic takes a different look at what is going on in our gardens and how high tech meets and lives in our low tech garden world. (Currently Under Development)

101 interesting things in our gardens

This fast paced topic takes a look at 101 interesting things in your garden that you may or may not know but none the less are interesting or amusing. (Currently Under Development)