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2019 Intros

This year we are introducing 4 new daylilies to the market we hope you will enjoy them. 2018 was again an interesting year, with hot days and cooler nights. These four really showed what we were looking for and made the final cut. Quantities are limited so if you are interested order early. (Will be adding more pictures on individual pages shortly)

A Dog's Love

Jewell TET (27 x 7 DOR, M) (Painting the Roses Red x Shamrock Spring) Nothing is more special than a dog's love and this one is special. This butter yellow with a brushed red eyezone licks that is darker on the petals is sure to make a statement in your garden, great branching 4-way with a bud count in the 20 range.

(2019 Introduction) $100 SF

Granny Hugs

Jewell TET (26 x 5 DOR, M Double) (Highland Lord x Forestlake Ragamuffin) I don't release many doubles from my lines but this Red pink self with a yellow throat always kept my interest. Like a warm hug from a granny this one will warm your heart. Although not directly named for her this one is a shout out to my good friend Genni Kleckner from Wisconsin.

(2019 Introduction) $80 SF

Orbiting Saturn

Jewell TET (28 x 5 DOR, M) (Sandy Holmes Seedling x Blue Stardust) Rings of complex eye colors blend on this pale peach pink flower, and white rings circle the eyezone, the black purple ruffled edge adds tiny teeth. In speaking with Sandy the cross could be Cool Reflections X Who's Your Mama or most likely the pollen from Who's Your Mama.

(2019 Introduction) $125 SF

Rainbow Unicorn Kitten

Jewell TET (26" x 6" DOR, M) ((Voulez Vous Danser x Dream Runner) x Tripped Out) What could be more majestic than a Rainbow Unicorn Kitten, this Plum red with a dark purple, patterned eyezone creates a rainbow to behold. The deep yellow throat is shown off with dark thumbprints appearing in the throat. Topping this off is the white midrib thats the unicorn horn. Both the petals and sepals show a ruffle and a very thin white edge.

(2019 Introduction) $125 SF

All prices listed are for single fans unless otherwise noted as quantities are limited. Double fans are typically shipped when possible. No phyto charge for US customers purchasing new introductions. Prices in US Funds. Inquire for special offers or discounts.