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2018 Intros

This year we are introducing 6 new daylilies to the market we hope you will enjoy them. 2017 was again an interesting year, a somewhat cooler season with plenty of rain that help some strut their stuff and others well... not so much. These six showed what we were looking for and made the final cut. Quantities are limited so if you are interested order early. (Will be adding more pictures on individual pages shortly)

Casting A Shadow

TET (32" x 6" Mid, Sev) ((seedling x Russian Easter) X Italian Riveria) Dark plum purple with a darker black purple eye zone above a small yellow to green throat. The ruffled petals are surrounded with a mix of white to purple back pencil edges

(2018 Introduction) $100

Gerry and Noreen

Tet (34" x 5.5" Mid, DOR) ((flamenco Queen x Secret Splendor)x unknown) A customer request that I thought worth sharing. Peach Self with orange toothy edge on petals above a yellow throat

(2018 Introduction) $80

Houston, Tranquility Base

TET 38" x 6" Mid Sev (Aztec Headdress x Ganymede). This has been a real standout flower in my patterned lines. Its appearance is consistant and only varies slightly in our garden. I don't show a pattern on the registration image unless it consistantly patterns and this is one of them. Dark yellow with a patterned plum eye reaching down into a green throat. The ruffled petals are surrounded with a a plum pencil edge.

(2018 Introduction) (SOLD OUT)$150 SF

Nan Grace

TET (32" x 6" SEV, M) (((Edge of Darkness x New Journey) X Backscratcher)x Aztec Headdress) Nan Grace is my third introduction in my Spring Heather lines and my second for Heather's children. Nan is a plum flower above a large yellow throat. The eye zone is a complex mix of multiple purple shades sometimes showing breaks. Surround the flower is a purple ruffled edge. Being a nocturnal opener on dewy nights it can show some spotting.

(2018 Introduction) $125 DF


TET 44" x 7" Mid DOR. (Man's Best Friend x Eye of Truth) Nibiru, the hidden planet that is said to be going to collide with earth. The collision has happened creating this exploding eyed beauty. Burnt Orange, with a burgundy feather eye zone above a yellow starburst throat. The petals are edged with a matching burgundy pencil edge.

(2018 Introduction) $125

Strangers With Candy

TET 37" x 5" Mid Dor (Leslie Renee x Man's Best Friend). Who doesn't like candy even from a stranger. This flower is sure to capture you with its purple base color with a darker purple eye above a yellow to green throat. The petals are surrounded with and gold and white pencil edge.

(2018 Introduction) $100

All prices listed are for single fans unless otherwise noted as quantities are limited. Double fans are shipped when possible. No phyto charge for US customers purchasing new introductions. Prices in US Funds. Inquire for special offers or discounts.