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We Just Keep on Growing.

Spring Heather

TET (36" x 7" Sev, M) (((Edge of Darkness x New Journey) x Back Scratcher)) Selected and named by a dear friend of mine before her passing, Spring Heather is a powerhouse of patterned breeding potential, the heather purple colored background is matched up with a eye zone that blends outward from a faint purple to a dark purple black eye. The children that she throws show ripples, rings and arrows and is an amazing foundation plant in patterned lines for me. Click on her name to view children from Spring Heather
(2014 Introduction) $150

The Lorax

Tet (32" x 7" SEV, Mid) (Destined to See x Seedling) The Guardian of the forest will protect your daylilies as well. Its striking orange to melon color depending on its environment is offset by a striking purple triangular starburst eye and a fine matching edge that will catch your attention every time.
(2014 Introduction) $125

There's Something About Lucy

TET 26" Mid to Late Season Dormant. 6" bloom. (Chance Encounter x James Douglas Lycett) The long promised introduction named for one of my best four legged pals Lucy. Lucy shows her love for life in this brilliant flamingo pink flower with a slight watermark (or spot as she would call it), the flower is surrounded by a slight gold toothy edge above a yellow to green throat.
(2014 Introduction) $100(sold out)

Ursa Major

TET 32" Mid Season Sev 6" bloom. (Russian Easter x seedling) From the heavens above come Ursa Major, A near star white to cream form the base for the twinkle of a faint starburst plum eye that radiates above a yellow to green throat and framed with a purple and gold edge. Great for breeding patterned eyes.
(2014 Introduction) $100

All prices listed are for single fans as quantities are limited. Double fans are shipped when possible. No phyto charge for US customers purchasing new introductions.