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2024 Intros

This year we are introducing 4 new daylilies to the market we hope you will enjoy them.

Bump and Grind

Jewell TET (36" x 7" DOR, M) Aspire x Aztec Headdress x ((edge of darkness x new journey) x back scratcher) This is an interesting complex combination of red and orange with a darker eye above a large yellow throat. Petals are tipped with a combination of tentacles and teeth and pinching movement giving this one its interesting name. This is my first Spring Heather kid that I am introducing that has shown the teeth that sometimes appears on the plant from the crossing with back scratcher.
(2024 Introduction) $125 SF

Chicken With Hats

Jewell TET (6.5" x 36" DOR, M) ( Eye of Truth x Aztec Headdress) Pure Yellow with a maroon brushed eye, petals are outlined part way with a thin edge matching the eye. This baby chick yellow is sure to stand out in your garden.

(2024 Introduction) $90 SF

Lion And The Lamb

Jewell TET (7" x 27" DOR, M) Guarding Gnomes x Marilyn Morss Johnson This intersesting cream background with a gradient purple eye above a large yellow throat. The eye can shift its coloring sometimes showing more "blurple" and a higher gradiation of color.

(2024 Introduction) $100 SF

Static Electric Shock

Jewell TET (6.5" x 30" DOR, M) circuit breaker x Aztec Headdress x ((edge of darkness x new journey) x backscratcher) Yet another introduction from my spring heather lines crossed with some modovan genetics what more could you ask for! This plant has deep purple base over a yellow green throat. The deeply patterned eye lays over the throat forming a multicolor pattern of yellows to purples ending in a wider purple band.

(2024 Introduction) $125 SF

All prices listed are for single fans unless otherwise noted as quantities are limited. Double fans are typically shipped when possible. No phyto charge for US customers purchasing new introductions. Prices in US Funds. Inquire for special offers or discounts.