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2016 Intros

This year we are introducing 10 new daylilies to the market we hope you will enjoy them. We have 4 patterned daylilies in the collection and our first out of our Spring Heather Lines.

For the first time we are offering collections at reduced prices.
The pattern collection which includes Baby Ben, Barbara Jane Catchpole, Fusion confusion and Monet Sky is $400 a savings of $125

Or you can purchase the whole collection at $800. **UPDATE** We are currently sold out of most of our 2016 patterns. If you would like to go on the waiting list for spring we can update you on if there is suffient quantity to fill your order.

9 Inch Love

Tet (36" x 9" DOR, Mid) (Cameroon Night x (Primal Scream x Whammer Jammer)) The name says it all on this flower, a huge 9 inch mahogany red with a yellow starburst throat flower graces this plant, showing off its UFO characteristics of pinching and curling. The impact of this huge flower on your garden is unmistakeable.
(2016 Introduction) $100

Baby Ben

TET (32" x 6.5" SEV, M) (((Edge of Darkness X New Journey) x Backscratcher) x Aztec Headdress) Baby Ben is my first introduction out of my Spring Heather Line. The arrow heads remind me of the hands on a clock and I thought of Big Ben. But because it was from Heather what better to name it than Baby Ben for her youngest. The dark color and darker purple patterned eye set this off to perfection and the wide form shows off the patterning on the sepals.
(2016 Introduction) (sold out)$125

Barbara Jane Catchpole

Jewell/Bond TET (32" x 6" SEV, M) (Uppermost Edge x Francis Of Assisi)Barb is a really finished flower and one of my favorites of this years introductions. The purple red base and darker purple eye really set this beauty off, at times the eye will feather out and at times its a solid purple. Add the pencil thin white margin and a slight ruffle and its a winner in my books.
(2016 Introduction) (sold out)$125

Charlotte Ann Cutler

Jewell/Bond TET 32" Mid Dormant 6" bloom.This peachy rose flower with a slightly darker eye above a yellow to chartreuse throat flower is a real treat. A gently ruffled darker edge and pink to purple midrib will warm your heart like a grandmothers love.
(2016 Introduction) $100

Cherry Pie In The Sky

TET 48" Mid Season SEV 6" bloom. This sweet cherry pink beauty with a pink to purple midrib rockets up into the sky and sits proudly above most others. The sweet cherry pink will pull you across the garden to visit it while the sweet taste of cherries melt in your mouth.
(2016 Introduction) $100

Fanning The Sweet Flames

TET 36" Mid Season Dor 5.5" bloom. The hot dark embers of this flower burn in the throat of this red. While the breeze in the garden fans the flames of the red petals and sepals. The glowing red heat radiates out to a fire white hot edge around the petals and sepals.
(2016 Introduction) $100 DF

Fire Without Cause

TET 34" Mid Season Dor 6" bloom. Shooting up in the garden you will see the flames of this firey red orange plant buring into your eyes. Like a flame the orange and red dance about the flower without care or reason.
(2016 Introduction) $100

Fusion Confusion

TET (33" x 6" SEV, M) (Etched Eyes x Suddenly Blue) From the first time I saw this plant I knew it was going to be an introduction. Fusion confusion has a lot going on, at times the sepals will quill bringing matter into the fusion chamber and causing a reaction that produces doubled tissue. No matter the form this is a breathtaking beauty and a patterned must.
(2016 Introduction) (sold out)$125

Gilded Black Pearl

TET (30" x 5" SEV, M) (Sailing At Dawn x Watermelon Taffy) Not a typical flower or form this plant made the cut for me because of its beauty. Hidden away in the pirates chest is this pearl pink flower with the black pearl eye, the edge forms a matching protective barrier around the pearl and then is gilded in a golden protective edge.
(2016 Introduction) $125

Monet Sky

TET (35" x 7" DOR, M) (Odds and Ends x Wild Blue Yonder) What can I say about Monet Sky its Lavendar Background sets off the slate blurple (yes blurple) painted eye zone. It is enchanting and mesmerizing all at the same time. No camera tricks or color touching on the photos, just a painting to behold.
(2016 Introduction) (sold out) $125

All prices listed are for single fans as quantities are limited. Double fans are shipped when possible. No phyto charge for US customers purchasing new introductions.